Technopreneurship Business Ideas

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Normally, entrepreneurship can be described as the bold and inventive deviation from recognized business patterns and practice. However, the success of entrepreneurship is driven by deep technological change. This paper, thus, asserts that reform can alter things by making it easier to achieve ethics like foil, convenience, and rule of law. Yet, reformers should emulate two qualities of successful entrepreneurial bunches: vibrant higher education and open economy strategy.

What’s entrepreneurship?

A manner of thinking and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach and direction balanced with the aim of wealth creation. (Bobsons definition)

Entrepreneurship is creative destruction. Dynamic disequilibrium brought on by the innovating entrepreneur, rather than equilibrium and optimization, is the standard of a strong market and the central reality of economic theory and practice. (Schumpeter, 1934)

The entrepreneur searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the resources by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or an alternate service. (Drucker, 1985)

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without respect to the resources currently under one’s control.
Who’s the technopreneur?

A person who ruins the present economic order (creative destruction) by introducing new services and products by creating new forms of organizations and by exploiting new raw materials.

Someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it.
A person who undertakes dangers (by creating an enterprise or company) that’s the possibility of gain (or success). Technopreneurs differentiate themselves through their ability to amass and manage knowledge, in addition to their capability to marshal resources to achieve a specified business or societal aim.

The technopreneur is a daring, imaginative deviator from established company methods as well as practices who always seeks the chance to commercialize new products, technologies, procedures, and arrangements.

The technopreneur distinguishes logic from tradition, convention from prejudice, bias from common sense and common sense from non-sense while incorporating a number of ideas from different groups and disciplines.

Technopreneurs are proficient in applied imagination, a boom in response to challenge, and look for unconventional solutions. They expertise challenges, create visions for alternatives, build narratives that explain their visions, then act to be part of the alternative. They invent new paths and risk failure but persistently seek success.

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About ICT Company Idea Contest (ICT BIC)

Technopreneurship Programme initiative to create a new type of successful Technopreneurs that take charge of their own destinies to become their very own boss and make employment opportunities for the benefit of the community, the National Computer Board, operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is arranging the ICT Business Idea Competition.

The ICT Business Idea Contest welcomes business ideas related to Info and Communications Technology focusing especially on the creation of technology solutions that will enhance lives by making it simpler for citizens of Mauritius to receive these services to have access to Wellness, Education, Finance, Agriculture, Public Security and key Government Services throughout the use of technology.

The objectives of ICT Business Idea Competition

To inculcate a culture of Technopreneurship among the undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, researchers, IT and ITES professionals, academics, and non-professors.

To supply exposure and understanding of essential competencies required in becoming successful Technopreneurs.

To support undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, researchers, IT and ITES professionals, academics and non-professors from varied backgrounds to discuss their business ideas, and form teams to leverage on both technology and company competencies.

To identify commercially feasible ideas for development into Technopreneurs and to promote broadband use in Mauritius.

Features of Technopreneurship
Attests Initiative
Willing to Listen
Establishes Own Standards
Copes with Uncertainty
Builds on Strengths
Reputable and Has Integrity
Risk Taker
Business Model

Business Model is a three-dimensional representation of someone or thing, commonly on a smaller scale. It really is a figure made in clay or wax which is subsequently reproduced in a stronger material. It’s a simplified mathematical description of a system or procedure, used to assist calculations and forecasts. An excellent example of quality. A person employed to display clothing by wearing them. A man employed to model for an artist. A specific design or version of a product.

How to reach your customer?

If you’re a neighborhood business, you have to get on these results. You do that by creating or claiming a Google My Company Page ( a free application). Make sure that the page has the right company NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, and other details like business hours, e-mail, link to your website. When you have done this, be active on the page and post specials, news, and other information your customers would find VALUE in (do this even in case you don’t feel like it’s worth your while).

The reason is that when you keep active, Google considers you to be applicable and certainly will put you in those map results. THE LARGEST AND MOST SIGNIFICANT (excuse my use of limits, It wasn’t raising my voice at you) thing you should do is encourage customers to leave reviews on your page. The more reviews (favorable) you have, the faster and higher you’ll appear in those results. Additionally, optimize your page by including keywords for your services or products in description areas. Note Bing, a Google competitor, has a similar service called Bing Places.

Facebook Local Comprehension Ads Local comprehension ads get your business in front of loads of people who are close to your organization, for a comparatively low cost. It even gives them immediate directions to your storefront! Inside my experience, these types of Facebook ads have been extremely affordable compared to other Facebook ad campaign goals. You pay per 1000 impressions (eyes who’ve seen your ad) and I’ve seen it as low as $1.98 per 1000 impressions. Of course, determined by the location of your company along with the type it’s, you might experience higher prices. In case you were a coffee shop in Tampa or Miami, you might see higher costs as competition for this kind of business is considerably higher than in a tiny town.

Local On-Line Listings You need to highly consider developing a listing for your company on Yelp or TripAdvisor. I’ve spoke to many local business proprietors who claim these listings services produce business for them they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Search Engine Optimization Effort Think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the narrative of The Tortoise and the Hare. SEO is the tortoise because while it takes time plus effort, it pays off in the long term. Search Engine Optimization efforts can get your business rated among the very best search engine results for the particular products or services you offer. Think of the Hare strategy as relying solely on ads that create quick results while you pay, but then all benefits finish as soon as you cut the money.

Social Networking Advertising When you decide that you’re prepared for advertisements on social media, it’s vital that you look at what your ideal customer resembles. Where are they most inclined to be seen? How do they use unique social networking stations? The reason why being is that you want to invest your money into advertising that will optimize your ROI, and prevent squandering dollars where your perfect customer doesn’t spend time. If you’re a B2B, then LinkedIn or Twitter might be where you need to place your cash. You will have the ability to discover the very best station to market in when you do your assignments.

Pinterest Promoted Pins It distinguished Pinterest because of its a little different than the other platforms. The reason being is that it’s completely visual and its one of the top ways to convert leads into sales. To make this platform seem even sweeter, its new Marketed Personal Identification Numbers advertisements platform boasts attractive results that company just can’t discount.

Instagram If you’re a company that sells real goods, then you want to get on Instagram. Better yet, if you’re a business who sells stuff like clothes, garments accessories, shoes, furniture, antiques, custom telephones, custom anything actually Instagram is a superior way to grow your brand and increase sales. There are many companies who I’ve discovered thanks to Instagram, which it’s sure it wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

If this all just looks daunting, take a deep breath, break things down, and just begin executing a number of the matters that covered.